How to install ScummVM in N900

People are asking me just exactly how does one install ScummVM? Well, the answer has changed. With my version, you pretty much had to know some basic Maemo hacking to get it installed. However, now as the official version of ScummVM is available from the Maemo Extras-devel repository, all you have to is:

Some N900 tips

I’ve received some questions and would like to post the answers right here in case others are wondering the same things about the N900:

  • Yes, the memory on the device is partitioned so that you have around 1.5GB or so for applications, and the rest for data (images, videos, music, maps, software you use with DOSBox, etc.)
  • To install Dosbox you have to add one or all of the extras repositories in your device App manager: extras, extras-devel, extras-testing. More instructions about that are available at:

Faster version of running Windows 3.11 on N900

I did some tweaking and uploaded a faster Windows 3.11 running on N900-video to Youtube. The most important changes were setting frameskip=6 in dosbox preferences and installing of S3 video drivers in Windows, which had a huge difference in speed. I would have liked to test how well it would have worked with a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, but I still don’t have any to try it with.

ScummVM for N900 / Fremantle updated!

Just a quick note, i have released ScummVM 1.0.0-rc1-fremantle3 containing the following enhancements:

  • full-screen mode can be entered and left with ctrl-f.
  • Global menu can be entered with ctrl-s
  • SCI games have been enabled. A brief test with Larry 6 and Quest for Glory 2 seemed promising!

 Download it here:

Download the patch against ScummVM 1.0.0rc1 here

Screenshot with Quest for Glory 2:

Quest for Glory 2

Things TODO left:

  • Come up with new keypresses for the essential features like saving and loading game
  • Upload the binary package to Downloads and fremantle repositories
  • Submit things to the mainstream project in case I actually do any
    production-quality code changes, instead of random hacking around
    (though I’m not hiding anything, all my stuff is available upon request
    if someone really wants.)
  • Try to get the screen centered (already happens in fullscreen)
  • Display the mouse cursor (actually already seems to happen in AGI games like Larry 1)