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Speed up of package (re)building in Scratchbox

..or why/how to install and use CCache 3.0pre0 in Scratchbox

A few days ago, I was building and rebuilding a Debian package in Scratchbox to see if it builds, installs and works properly after my modifications. To make sure it works, I had to do a full dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot rebuild, which of course does a full clean every time. Each rebuild took 10 minutes, and I started wondering how to make it go faster.

Exec summary

Use ccache 3.0 and make sure your regular build does not use compiler options incompatible with ccache! Read on for details. 

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N900 running on Mac OS X

A while ago I experimented running various operating systems on the Nokia N900. Now with the availability of N900 hardware emulation in QEMU (see ) I decided to try this the other way around. The result: Regular N900 Maemo software straight out of the phone boots in QEMU, but no GUI since there is no SGX graphics emulation in the Maemo QEMU yet.

(in soviet Russia, the computer boots YOU)

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Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of C++

I attended a presentation given by Bjarne Stroustrup in Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland 18.3.2010. Bjarne was very down to earth and seemed to understand both the needs of the average C++ developer, and to have a very good idea on what is C++’s place in the modern world of programming. I was very inspired by all the new features of the soon-to-be finalized c++0x standard and I’m going to write about my thoughts on some of them soonish, so check back on this article in a few days if interested!

I took some pics of Bjarne, you can see them following the link below:

Bochs PC emulator packaged for N900

People have asked me to package the Bochs IA-32 PC emulator that I used for running Windows NT 4.0, and today I’ve done it. It is available from the Fremantle extras-devel repository:

I have configured the package in the way that I found works best on the N900 and included a sample config file that works for running NT 4.0, as a starting point for others. Also the version is 2.3.7 and not the latest, since in my experience 2.3.7 was the most stable on the N900 – this might of course change or have already changed.

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Luxus Light Meter v0.2 for N900, as a real homescreen widget

A while ago, Qt Software released some helpful software and instructions on how to make real homescreen widgets on the N900 using Qt 4.6. As I had already previously implemented my Luxus light meter widget as a sort-of homescreen widget – as part of an experiment if it’s possible to do a Qt app for N900 from scratch in one day and get it published too – I was of course intrigued in finding out how easy it would be to enable it as a full-blown homescreen widget. It turned out to be pretty easy!

Luxus v0.2

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How to install ScummVM in N900

People are asking me just exactly how does one install ScummVM? Well, the answer has changed. With my version, you pretty much had to know some basic Maemo hacking to get it installed. However, now as the official version of ScummVM is available from the Maemo Extras-devel repository, all you have to is: