N950 Firmware Beta 2 (34-2) comments

A few days ago Nokia released the long-awaited first firmware update for the N950 at: 


As Tuesday and Wednesday were such busy days for me, I didn’t want to risk bricking my phone. But today I bit the bullet and installed the upgrade, making sure to take backups first of course. Some random experiences, I will update this as I encounter more:

  • Generally the device responsiveness is lots better – scrolling is smoother, there are less delays etc. Feels very good now.
  • I restored backups. Upon completion it said something about not being able to restore everything, but then rebooted faster than I could read the notification.
  • To restore backups, I had to copy my backup file from my PC via USB, then manually move it from /home/user/MyDocs/Backup0 to /home/user/MyDocs/.backups so that the Backup application was able to see it.
  • After reboot, all Contacts were missing in Contacts app. However executing "tracker-search -c" on the command line revealed I do have some contacts. After waiting for a while, a part of my contacts started appearing in Contacts app. A few minutes later, they were all there – so if you’re worried you lost your contacts, just wait.
  • There is now an official Twitter app and Twitter feeds show up in the feeds page
  • The famous swipe downwards to close an app gesture can now be enabled from Display settings.
  • There’s a SIM menu (or what you call it) thats shows my operator’s services that are on my SIM
  • Feeds view can show weather as well. Default is Helsinki, Finland for some reason :)
  • There is Angry Birds, and it works very fast and smoothly, much better than on WinPhones for example!
  • Developer mode now has to be separately enabled in settings, but after you do it, Terminal and the usual goodness reappears
  • Markings on "Developer Edition" are gone
  • Ovi Store app no longer crashes all the time, and there is Ovi Music.
  • Upon starting Maps, it asks me for an username and password. It doesn’t say what service they are for, but I assumed it’s the Nokia ID, which was correct.
  • There is a WiFi Hotspot app, which is very welcome! 
  • Terminal app has gained new features, an ability to switch between an Shell and Arrows toolbar with the swipe gesture among them

Dealing with duplicated contacts on the N950/N9

I had problems with duplicated contacts. I tried a couple of different solutions, but the one that worked was: export all contacts as vcard files (.VCF). Then delete all your contacts in the contacts app. After that, you can delete .VCF files that match the pattern *(?).VCF (because duplicate contacts will be dumped with file names like JANEDOE.VCF, JANEDOE(2).VCF, JANEDOE(3).VCf etc.) and finally, re-import these VCF files using vcardconverter. Watch out, vcardconverter will fail if you have "funny characters" in filenames, so it’s a good idea to wrap it around in a for statement, something like this: for i in *.VCF;do cp $i tmp.vcf;vcardconverter tmp.vcf;done;rm tmp.vcf.

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