What Is My Idea of Tomorrow?

I have not written anything new here for almost 4 months. I have been very busy with various things such as getting married, planning a honeymoon trip and lastly, I am going to start a new job in Berlin, Germany in October! This means I won’t be able to concentrate on blog writing for at least two more months. Except maybe, given sufficient connectivity, I will be able to post brief greetings from our Australia-Singapore honeymoon trip.

I will arrive back in Finland with my lovely wife on 6th of October and my new job in Germany starts 18th of October, so it’s going to be interesting until everything settles down….

The topic of this blog post is a hint towards what company is my new employer ;)

Lastly, I did manage to release a fixed version of Luxus light meter application for the N900. It took a while since my development machine’s motherboard and PSU were fried a while ago, and it took some time to get the replacement components – see here: http://maemo.org/packages/view/luxus/

 See you at the Meego Conference in Dublin, November 2010!

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