Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of C++

I attended a presentation given by Bjarne Stroustrup in Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland 18.3.2010. Bjarne was very down to earth and seemed to understand both the needs of the average C++ developer, and to have a very good idea on what is C++’s place in the modern world of programming. I was very inspired by all the new features of the soon-to-be finalized c++0x standard and I’m going to write about my thoughts on some of them soonish, so check back on this article in a few days if interested!

I took some pics of Bjarne, you can see them following the link below:

One thought on “Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of C++”

  1. There are a few ideas, that I have for long time and some of them would make things way easier….
    Now the problems that I would address are the using of }}}, tree way if like in Fortran and also some minor ideas of better type def for example 1..1012 like in Pascal and better switch….

    In my opinion the biggest problem is the fact that C++ lacks good development enviroment for developing GUI apps. Yes there is QT and dot net but they all miss to harnest on C++ perfect sintax.
    The UML is not good for visual representation that should be improved.. And UML should be used way better, instead of representation it should be used for projecting… There is a lot of potential…. And the wizards are not powerfull enough…
    Class should be differently used also, it should be upgraded with apirenc sector. Ween I create form it should be in HTML5 and ready for LINUX, APPLE, MS WINDOWS as well.
    Why should I develop all those applications for mobile, PS, Tablet, my clima device and so on….
    And the problem of string should be solved in the better way.. There are like tons of strings, but when you look at them they are just the strings…
    And that GDI thing, people is not god still. It had make me wanna use openGL or DirectX…. why… And this things should be in some standard, so that developers can easilly use them….

    Ok this are some of my problems with C++, and yes they should use for that can work like while with the logical condition at the bottom, it is way more easy to read that thing like that…

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