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Latvis Rockdata

Prospective Magazine

* DM HOME single review by me 14.6.1997
* NEWS! Depeche Mode played in Helsinki 6.3.2006. The gig was great although my backrow seat kinda sucked (didn't see or hear properly). The set (set list 5) was a good combination of the old and new songs and the arragements were rocky and bit different from the earlier ones. Dave posed, danced and shaked his booty like before, Martin had dressed himself as horrible (IMHO) as always and Fletch - hmmm - was Fletch. Other musicians did their job greatly as well. My favourite song: Martin's Shake the Disease accompanied by piano only. And PJ, PoT, QoT, WiME and other classics, they were teriffic, naturally.
* DM Singles Tour 86-98, the Helsinki Concert, Finland, September 9th, 1998 25.1.1999
* Results of A DM Fan Survey 24.1.1999
* DM articles and pictures 01.10.1998
* DM reMixers Index 20.07.2001
* DM keyboards and other tech info 24.9.2009
* DM Art (by me) 11.5.1997
* My Finnish DM page [In Finnish]
* My essay on DM [In Finnish]

* The official homepage of Bong, DM mailing list. Bong FAQ v.1.12
From here you can find almost every cool, interesting and odd fact about Depeche Mode.

* Zambak's DM page
This page contains: Collector's Reference, Zambak's personal DM FAQ, Martin Live List, Opening Bands List and more and more...and a link to this page :-)

* Homepage of BRAT
Lots of DM stuff: Pictures, remixes, news (most informatic), contests...

* Mute Records
Mute is DM's record company in UK.

* Reprise Records
Reprise is DM's record company in North America. There were sometimes Depeche Mode contests with cool prizes on the page.

This is the official DM page (I don't know if anything can really or should be official on the Net :)). Great stuff there, news, archive section, contests...
* 'The Official' Recoil site
Recoil is Alan Wilder, x-member of Depeche Mode (as Mute put it :))
* A Bomb the Bass -site
Bomb the Bass is a project of Tim Simenon, who produced DM's Ultra album
* Depeche Mode cage on Rolling Stone Network
Biography, discography, articles, photos, links etc.

* Depeche Mode - Le Site Belge
A Belgian DM site with all kinds of stuff in French.

* The Dark Side of Depeche Mode
By Vincent Arambourg, MP3s, News etc and a reviewed link list.

* SF/H Depeche Mode Tribute Web Site
Large Photo Gallery, News, Video+Books+CD+Vinyl Discography, FanShop...

* Clifford's DM page
News, Pictures, Software etc.

* Photographic Homepage
Check out all cool and weird DM pictures on this page!

* Rob Augino's page
Bong's Modeified project was Rob's idea.

* DM concerts info
Henrik S?str? maintains this page, which contains DM tour dates.
* DM fonts by Eric Oehler
* A Spanish DM page
This page by Sergio Bayarri Gausi & Jos?Mar? L?ez Lagunas is great if you can understand Spanish. There is also a great DM MP and midi archive on this site (in English too).
* - A Swedish DM page
Contains DM information (pictures, sounds, history, q&a) in Swedish. This is very nice-looking site, but it lacks material little bit.
* A German DM page by Stephan Schuster
* Another unofficial German Depeche Mode site by Sven Plaggemeier
* Dressed in Black Fan club site by Igor Cech
* The Man
The Man is Danyel Ramelow and he makes music, that has quite much been influenced by DM, New Order etc.
* Legends
Concerts posters, backstage passes, t-shirts and other collectors stuff from various artists.
* Rock N Roll Collectibles
They sell some DM collector stuff like stickers, postcards, lps, posters etc. also.
* Steve's Music Gallery