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Suominen, Jaakko & Parikka, Jussi: Sublimated Attractions - The Introduction of Early Computers in Finland in the late 1950s as a Mediated Experience. Media History 16:3 (August 2010), 319-340.

Suominen, Jaakko: "Game Reviews as Tools in the Construction of Game Historical Awareness in Finland, 1984-2010: Case MikroBitti Magazine." Think, Design, Play - Digra2011 conference. Utrecht School of the Arts, Hilversum 14-17 September 2011. DiGRA electronic library: http://www.digra.org/dl/db/11310.15375.pdf

Suominen, Jaakko (2011): "Pac-Man kaihon kohteena ja kokeilujen välineenä: luovasta aikalaisadaptaatiosta reflektiiviseen nostalgiaan." [Pac-Man as an aim of yearning and a tool for experimenting: From creative contemporary adaptation to reflective nostalgia] Wider Screen 1-2/2011. Toim. Petri Saarikoski. [ http://www.widerscreen.fi/2011-1-2/pac-man-kaihon-kohteena-ja-kokeilujen-valineena/

Suominen, Jaakko: "Atorox - A Finnish Fictional Robot with a Changing Personality in the Late 1940s." Science Fiction and Computing: Essays on Interlinked Domains. Ed. by David Ferro and Eric Swedin. McFarland, 2011.

Suominen, Jaakko: "The Computer as a Tool for Love - A Cultural History of Technology." IAS-STS Yearbook 2010. Forthcoming. [PDF-version]

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